If a resource is not listed as an option when you click to open a saved file then it may be that the file does not have enough rows or that the resource requires each row to be marked as either true or false.

The following table outlines the requirements of each resource:

* Please read this post before creating a ‘Connections’ activity.

So, if you are opening a saved file with 6 rows then Bingo will not be listed an option. As you can see in the table, a game of Bingo requires at least 12 rows.

The ‘Find Them’ and ‘Swipe’ resources require each row to be marked as either true or false:



EDIT — This post relates to an old version of Triptico. The design of the ‘create’ page has been updated since it was written.

A few people have been in touch recently to ask how to create Bingo activities with the new version of Triptico.

It is very easy — the main thing to know is that an activity must have at least 12 cards to work with the Bingo resource.

The following video will hopefully be helpful — it shows how to create an activity for Bingo and also demonstrates how that same activity can be opened with lots of other resources:

I hope that this is helpful!