You have two main options when creating with Triptico:

1. Create a List

For this example, I have created a list famous quotes from the plays of William Shakespeare.

Your list could be sums, countries and capitals, student names, questions and answers, words and translations, tasks, key terminology — whatever you like! It can have one or two columns and contain as many rows as you require.

You can also add images, true or false data and so on — but we’ll keep it nice and simple for this example!

The activity I have created has two columns.

In column one I have added a famous line from a Shakespeare play. In column…

An example of a ‘Connections’ activity

The process of creating an activity for Connections is slightly different — rather than simply being a list, it is a list with a specific structure

Rows 1 to 4 should be the first category.

Rows 5 to 8 should be the second category.

Rows 9 to 12 should be the third category.

Rows 13 to 16 should be the fourth category.

Row 17 should be the explanation of the first category.

Row 18 should be the explanation of the second category.

Row 19 should be the explanation of the third category.

Row 20 should be the explanation of the…

David | Triptico

Former English Teacher and Creator of Triptico.

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