Adding Images to an Activity

David | Triptico
2 min readOct 25, 2021

It is very easy to add images to activities that you create.

The first thing to do is to switch ‘Images’ on. The switch is in the ‘Options’ panel:


There are three ways to add an image to an activity:

1. Press the yellow ‘Add Image’ button and browse for the image you would like to add.

2. Drag an image over the card that you would like to add it to.

3. Copy an image and paste it into the text field on the card.


Clicking on an image that you have added will open the image editor.

You can drag the handles of the viewport to change the section of the image to display. You can also use the buttons across the top to rotate or flip the image.

Note that the ‘ratio’ of the image will always remain the same. This is to ensure that the image will work perfectly with whichever Triptico resource you open it with.

When you are happy with your image, press the ‘Done’ button to return to your activity.


Images added to the ‘title’ section of your activity will be displayed as backgrounds in some resources — such as Word Magnets, for example.