Creating a ‘Connections’ Activity

An example of a ‘Connections’ activity

The process of creating an activity for Connections is slightly different — rather than simply being a list, it is a list with a specific structure

Rows 1 to 4 should be the first category.

Rows 5 to 8 should be the second category.

Rows 9 to 12 should be the third category.

Rows 13 to 16 should be the fourth category.

Row 17 should be the explanation of the first category.

Row 18 should be the explanation of the second category.

Row 19 should be the explanation of the third category.

Row 20 should be the explanation of the fourth category.

Thats’ it!

Here’s a very simple example:

  1. France
  2. Italy
  3. Germany
  4. Spain
  5. Trumpet
  6. Drum
  7. Guitar
  8. Violin
  9. Mars
  10. Jupiter
  11. Saturn
  12. Mercury
  13. Blue
  14. Red
  15. Yellow
  16. Green
  17. Countries in Europe
  18. Musical Instruments
  19. Planets
  20. Colours

You can try this activity for yourself by clicking the link below:

Simple ‘Connections’ Activity

I hope that this helps — please let me know if you have any questions about creating activities for this resource.