Sharing Lessons and Resources

You have two main options when sharing lessons and activities that you have created with students…

1. Share the Link

When you open a saved files with a resource, you can simply copy the address and share this with students.

For example, here is an activity I made and opened with the Find Them resource:

That was easy!

2. Share the Code

Each saved Triptico file has a unique code.

The code for the saved file I used above is 31158.

You can give codes to students for them use here:

Pressing the Submit Code button will give students a list of resources that they can open the file with.

Note: If you want the file to open with a specific resource, here is a little tip:

Add the first two letters of the resource to the start of the code.

For example, if I want the saved file to open automatically with Find Them then I would change the code to: FI31158.

Public or Private

Important: In order for anybody else to be able to access a file that you have created you need to mark it as Public.

If a file is marked as Private then only you will be able to access it.

You can toggle whether a file is public or private by clicking the checkbox:


I hope that this is helpful and that you can see how easy it is to share lessons and activities that you have created with your students, for them to use in class or out of school.

Former English Teacher and Creator of Triptico.