Triptico Football!

David | Triptico
2 min readSep 29, 2022

Something completely new for Triptico — reinforce learning with a game of football!

Triptico Football is a game for two people or teams on two different devices.

On one device, click Create New Match to generate a unique code. On the other device, click Join Match and type in the code. The devices are now linked and you are ready to play!

Give your team a name, choose your team colours and head to the stadium!

The Rules of the Game…

The team with possession (indicated by the ball icon) chooses a card to turn over.

The possession indicator.

How the game proceeds will be determined by the content of the card…

1. Pass Card

The team passes the ball, retains possession and can turn over another card.

2. Tackled Card

The team loses possession and the opposing team can choose a card to turn over.

3. Half Time Card

The referee’s whistle signals the end of the first half!

4. Full Time Card

The end of the game!

5. Chance Card (Corner, Free Kick or Shot)

A chance to score a goal!

Both teams are asked a question…

  • If the attacking team answers correctly and the defender answers incorrectly then a goal is scored!
  • If both teams answer correctly then the attacking team chooses where to place their shot — hoping that the defending team does not position their goalkeeper in the same place!
  • If the attacking team answers incorrectly and the defending team answers correctly then there is a counter-attack! The defending team has a chance to break down the pitch quickly and score a goal!

6. Penalty Card

As above, but there is no opportunity for a counter-attack!

It is all very simple and I hope it will be a fun way to revise and reinforce learning — and the resource will work immediately with all existing saved files.

The length of each game is completely random — all dependant on when the half time / full time cards are turned over!

If you have any questions, comments of feedback about this resource then please get in touch with me.

Again, this resource is something completely different for Triptico and so — positive or negative! — it would be great to hear what you think of it.